Body Health

Nutritional supplements destined to improve general health and/or any fo the body systems .

  • Xtrem Quality
  • Aspartame & Sugar free


120 cap


Product with lipotropic effects developed to improve the liver detox and body cleansing. It needs depuration between workout phases to recover from the body stress overload provided by the diet, intense workouts and supplements.

Dosage and consumption

From 6 to 9 capsules 3 times a day 45 min. before main meals


Standardized Milk Thistle Extract (total alkaloids including silymarin 180mg.); Standardized Dandelion Extract (whole plant vitexin [3%]: (120 mg.); Standardized Cynara Scolymus L. Extract (100mg.); Standardized Boldea fragran Extract (75 mg.); Choline (49mg.); Vitamin C (as L-ascorbic acid): (45 mg.); Inositol (30mg.); L-Glycine (30mg.); L- Methionine (20 mg.).