Post Workout

Nutritional supplements destined to improve or increse body´s capacity to complete effectively recovery processes after training.

  • Xtrem Quality
  • Aspartame & Sugar free
  • Splenda
  • Viggro


  • Neutral
  • Orange
  • Berryblast


1816 g


Viggro (Waxy Maize Starch) is a type of hydrolized carbohydrates rich in amylopectin (99 %) improved with antioxidants capable to protect the muscle tissues from the free radicals aggressions produced during the physical activity. The special molecular structure of Viggro (Waxy Maize Starch) which is similar to the glycogen storage, its high molecular weight and low osmolaruty, allow faster digestion than other conventional sugar without its adverse effects. It provides fast and excellent energy source highly available for the physical activity and recovery.

Dosage and consumption

3,5 scoops (100 g) in water 10 min. before / after the workout


Vitamin C: 100g (3,5 scoops) - 60 mg / 100%(CDR*)
Selenium (as sodium selenite): 100g (3,5 scoops) - 70 mg / 100%(CDR*)
Vitamin E: 100g (3,5 scoops) - 10 mg / 100%(CDR*)

Nutritional information

  • Energy value: 100g (3,5 scoops) - 378 Kcal (1585 Kj)
  • Carbohydrates: 100g (3,5 scoops) - 93,98g
  • Proteins: 100g (3,5 scoops) - <0,50g
  • Fats: 100g (3,5 scoops) - <0,30g


Viggro*(Mofified starch – Hydrolized-); Flavours: Orange in Powder of Orange flavour & Red fruit in powder of BerryBlast flavour; Colorant: Beet in powder; Sweeteners: Sucralose*, Sodium Saccharine; Alfa Lipoic Acid: 200 mg; Licopene: 100 mg; Vitamins & Minerals: Vitamin C: 60 mg. (100 % RDA); Vitamin E: 10 mg (100% RDA); Selenium: 70  mcg (100% RDA).